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Ice cream quiz

ice cream

A national manufacturer of ice cream, Edy's Grand Ice Cream, commissioned an ice cream flavorology study to determine how ice cream preferences relate to personality. The study, conducted by Dr. Alan R. Hirsch (M.D.) neurological director of the smell and taste treatment and research foundation in Chicago, revealed that distinct personalities correspond with ice cream flavors.

According to the official taster for Edy's Grand Ice Cream, the flavorology research is fun "food for thought" to discuss around the dinner table. Before serving dessert, ask your family and friends to name their favorite ice cream flavor, then give them the scoop on their personality.

Pick your favorite ice cream flavor, remember to check the compatibility chart!



If you like vanilla, you are colorful, impulsive, a risk taker who sets high goals and has high expectations of yourself. You also enjoy close family relationships. Gregarious, lives a hectic life. Easily suggestible, expressive, idealistic; a private person.

Prototype: Lovelorn housewife.


If you like chocolate, you are lively, creative, dramatic, charming, enthusiastic and the life of the party. Chocolate fans enjoy being at the center of attention and can become bored with the usual routine. Seductive, well-dressed, extroverted, easily influenced, a follower, intuitive, enjoys intimate relationships.

Prototype: Feminine woman, macho man.

Butter pecan

If you like butter pecan, you are orderly, perfectionist, careful, detail-oriented, conscientious, ethical and fiscally conservative. You are also competitive, aggressive in sports and the take-charge type of personality.

Prototype: Executive, secretary.

Butter pecan

The coconut lover is a serious, very thoughtful and contemplative person. Though you enjoy socializing, you are particular about the company you keep. You tend to be stubborn but not necessarily foolhardy. Shrewd, quick-witted and alert, you ensure that you are right on top of any given scenario, especially at work. You need a partner with brains, and while passion is important it certainly isn't everything for you.



If you like banana, you are easy going, well adjusted, generous, honest and empathetic.

Prototype: The perfect husband, wife, parent or child.


If you like strawberry, you are shy, yet emotionally robust, skeptical, detail-oriented, opinionated, introverted and self critical. Easily made to feel guilty; cranky, pessimistic, low self-esteem.

Prototype: Bureaucrat, journalist.

Chocolate chip

If you like chocolate chip, you are generous, competitive and accomplished. You are charming in social situations, ambitious and competent. A visionary, a conqueror, enjoys being catered to, a go-getter, intolerant of defeat.

Prototype: Industry leaders, voted most likely to succeed in school.

Compatibility chart

The flavorology research also compiled a compatibility chart for ice cream lovers.

If your favorite flavor is:

  • Vanilla - you are most likely to be compatible with someone whose favorite flavor is also vanilla.
  • Chocolate - you are most likely to be compatible with someone whose favorite flavor is butter pecan or chocolate chip.
  • Butter pecan - you are most likely to be compatible with someone whose favorite flavor is butter pecan, chocolate or chocolate chip.
  • Banana - you are compatible with all flavors.
  • Strawberry - you are most likely to be compatible with someone whose favorite flavor is chocolate chip.
  • Chocolate chip - you are most likely to be compatible with someone whose favorite flavor is butter pecan or chocolate

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (14)


interesting...chocolate chip is my preferred flavor.

James sullivansays...



I prefer vanilla. According to the results I should have been Butter Pecan.


Mine is fairly accurate. I put chocolate, and that sorta describes me!x

ED put strawberry and its nothing like her!!!! x


Ahhh yeaaa strawberry XD

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