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What your car says about your personality

From red sports cars to air refresheners here are eleven things that will give the game away!

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Main titles

Red sports car?

You're a risk taker.

3 row minivan.

You value being with a crowd.

LED headlights

You put yourself before others.

Family window stickers

You're family oriented and proud!

Sports team logo window display

You like to identify as part of a crowd.

Elevated pickup.

You lack in other departments.


Your primary concern is safety.

Political bumper sticker.

You are a righteous do-gooder.

Honor roll bumper sticker.

You are too competitive and likely lack self confidence.

Funky car refreshener.

You seek individuality.

Stuff spills out of the car.

Multi tasker is the only semi positive comment you may ever get.