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Stress quiz

stress quiz

Discover what is causing you stress!

Choose three scenarios out of the following four:

stress quiz

A house with a garden

stress quiz

A group of people taking photos

stress quiz

A statue of the goddess Venus

stress quiz

A galloping horse


This test is actually about the causes of recent stress and the vital scenario is the one you left out.

If you left out the one with the

House with the garden

This means that you are tired with some matters concerning your family or household lately

stress quiz

Group of people taking pictures:

This means that you're very tired with your relationships right now

stress quiz

Statue of Venus

This means that you are stressed over matters of the heart. Not exactly relationship problems, but more to do with being tired of trying to settling things with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

stress quiz

Galloping horse:

This means that you are tired and stressed over work recently.

stress quiz

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


28-02-2017, 23:44

+5 -1  

I chose the galloping horse...makes sense since today a customer irritated me because they made me stay an hour past my shift and didnt buy anything!!!...I was SOOO frustrated! Thanks to those customers I also caught rush hour and was stuck in traffic for 1 more hour!! SO Id say it was accurate!!


28-02-2017, 16:19

+2 -2  

That hit the nail right on the head...

Just a dreamer

28-02-2017, 16:14

+3 -2  

I left out the group of people taking pictures and the analysis is accurate. I'm tired of all relationships right now-that's why I do not really have any ;)
Well, I guess it's due to a lot of factors. All people want to spend some time on their own,each for his own reasons.


28-02-2017, 15:24

+3 -2  

I left out the Galloping Horse and I walked out of my job yesterday.


28-02-2017, 14:44

+2 -1  

worked for me. my family has been more stressful than ever lately.

fadi mol

28-02-2017, 14:19

+1 -1  

i left the horse, i feel its 1oo% true.......


28-02-2017, 13:45

+5 -2  

People taking photos, true.


28-02-2017, 13:14

+3 -1  

i left out all of them except for the house with the garden
it was so accurate, i'm really impressed


28-02-2017, 13:14

+5 -1  

I missed the people taking pictures... Quite accurate


28-02-2017, 13:09

+3 -1  

I left out the one with the people taking photos. I'm not too sure why, but, the analysis it gave me was completely true. I'm so tired of trying to make my relationships work. I'm ready for something new.


28-02-2017, 13:04

+3 -1  

Right on the dot.


28-02-2017, 12:54

+4 -1  

i left the horse...... so true .... i need to get some rest.. =)


28-02-2017, 12:52

+3 -1  

venus and my crush is on vacation and I miss him


28-02-2017, 12:12

+4 -2  

Venus.. but I have no problems over girlfriend cause I don't have one.


27-02-2017, 11:21

+2 -2  

i left out the galloping horse and its quite true


27-02-2017, 11:08

+3 -1  

Extremely accurate. I picked the horse. And sure enough, I'm worried sick about my graduation project at school right now.


27-02-2017, 10:18

+3 -1  

I left out the house, and yet family is probably the only thing not stressing me out!


27-02-2017, 10:02

+4 -1  

Romans are way better than Greeks. Just so you know.


26-02-2017, 23:19

+2 -2  

This hit the nail on the head. Amazing


26-02-2017, 21:29

+4 -1  

i'm actually stressed with my love life, but i left out the horse, i don't think 'this' quiz works, and i know me best so don't try to tell me i'm wrong -_-
that is all :P


26-02-2017, 21:23

+1 -1  

i left out the statue, and its sooo right! i have a problem with not seeing my best friend. its so wierd.


26-02-2017, 21:13

+2 -2  

I chose the group of people taking pictures; this is actually kind of true, sad to say. :( I only actually realized this now.


26-02-2017, 21:09

+2 -1  

wow! thats cool i have been stressed about boys lately


26-02-2017, 20:43

+3 -1  

I personally like the Romans because they are much more formal and organized.


26-02-2017, 20:29

+3 -1  

This was right on target

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