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Stress quiz

stress quiz

Discover what is causing you stress!

Choose three scenarios out of the following four:

stress quiz

A house with a garden

stress quiz

A group of people taking photos

stress quiz

A statue of the goddess Venus

stress quiz

A galloping horse


This test is actually about the causes of recent stress and the vital scenario is the one you left out.

If you left out the one with the

House with the garden

This means that you are tired with some matters concerning your family or household lately

stress quiz

Group of people taking pictures:

This means that you're very tired with your relationships right now

stress quiz

Statue of Venus

This means that you are stressed over matters of the heart. Not exactly relationship problems, but more to do with being tired of trying to settling things with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

stress quiz

Galloping horse:

This means that you are tired and stressed over work recently.

stress quiz

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


26-02-2017, 19:23

+3 -1  

absolutely correct for me. thanks!


24-02-2017, 09:50

+4 -1  

so true


24-02-2017, 09:49

+4 -1  

I will agree; I'm having relationship problems right now. And I've not been in the best of moods lately.


24-02-2017, 09:39

+3 -1  

Thats true


24-02-2017, 09:36

+3 -1  

I left out the statue of venus and it said that its relationship problems that are stressing me out and that is very true! Me and my boyfriend are going through a lot of trouble right now so that is definitely true


24-02-2017, 09:15

+3 -1  

Jajaja... exactly!!!


24-02-2017, 08:31

+2 -2  

TRUE! i AM very tired of my relationships right now :O


24-02-2017, 07:46

+1 -1  

Honestly, i feel stressed over the four categories.

Aftab Khan

24-02-2017, 07:25

+2 -2  

I disagree.I left the galloping horse but the result is not true in my case.


24-02-2017, 07:25

+2 -1  

oh my god!! this is so weird i didnt read any of the answers befor i chose my 3 but the one i left out people taking pictures is the spot on reason why im stressed! thats amazing


24-02-2017, 06:45

+3 -1  

its amazing how accurate this is. i left out the horse, and its true! im completely exhausted with school and work. i need some rest..


24-02-2017, 04:49

+3 -1  

i left out the house. The family problems is so right. spot on.


24-02-2017, 02:19

+2 -2  

this is amazing defines me very well


24-02-2017, 11:56

+3 -1  

AMAZING test! love it! :D


24-02-2017, 11:45

+3 -2  

slightly accurate,
i left out the horse
and im really overworked
but i think what concerns me more is
my family


24-02-2017, 11:38

+4 -1  

I disagree with the test because some people may already have memories associated with the pictures. For example someone might have fallen off a horse galloping and left out the horse galloping picture, or someone may enjoy reading about Rome, and therefore choose the picture of the Venus statue.


24-02-2017, 10:52

+2 -1  

Greeks rule, Romans drool, and this is coming from a girl born in Italy!


24-02-2017, 10:51

+3 -1  

I left out the group of friends. Mostly because recently I've been left out and forgotten with friends, so yeah, fairly accurate.


24-02-2017, 10:22

+2 -2  

Nope. TOTALLY incorrect. The right one shoulda been my family. I'm stressing over my C+ in Math on my report card....yet I left out the poor little horsie. Sorry horsie, I was supposed to leave behind the garden.


24-02-2017, 10:22

+3 -1  

true..:( goddess of venus is the one i left out.
i got probs on that issue.


24-02-2017, 10:21

+2 -1  

It's absolutely right! I'm surprised!

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