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The bridge

Bridge quiz

Two goats meet at a bridge.

There is a very narrow bridge over a river. One day a goat that was crossing this bridge met another goat just in the middle. There was no room for both of them to pass.

Which of the following can you imagine as the most likely scenario?

A. One goat willingly turned back to let the other goat pass first.

B. The two goats charged against each other, and, after a few rounds of confrontation, the stronger goat forced the loser to yield.

C. One goat lay down on the bridge, and the other goat walked lightly over him.

D. The two goats charged against each other and both fell off the bridge and into the deep river below.

E. One goat retraced its way and waited for the other goat to come over; then, instead of going over to the other side, it stayed to play and graze with its new friend.

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