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Castle adventure

The castle

Answer what comes naturally to you and take time to really imagine yourself in the situation. Otherwise, it's not so fun... also you don't need to think in a survivalist mode.

1. Imagine yourself on board a boat that is sinking. You manage to swim to a life boat and climb in. How many people do you see in the life boat with you?

2. You row to the shore and see a vast desert before you. You collect some belongings and supplies, and head out across the desert in search of salvation. How many pairs of shoes do you use?

3. Upon entering the city, you see a castle that intrigues you and decide to go to it. After passing the gates you find yourself walking down the length of a long corridor leading to the throne room. You enter and see a king and a queen sitting side by side on the throne. What do both the king and the queen look like? What characteristics do they seem to embody?

4. You leave and go down a spiral stairway. It's dark and shadowy, with torches lit intermittently along the walls. As you're walking down a lady (if you are a man) or a knight (if you are woman) from the court passes you by. You only catch a glimpse of their face, and they remind you of someone you know. Who did you see?

5. The stairs lead you to a banquet room and you see a long table with a golden goblet in the middle of the table. Looking inside the goblet, how full of wine is it?


1. How many true friends you perceive you have.

2. How many true loves you'll have before getting married.

3. What you imagine your ideal mate to be like.

4. This is the person you will never get over for the rest of your life.

5. How full it is represents how much of yourself you give in a relationship.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


16-04-2017, 16:05

+0 -0  

1. 2 people
2. 1 pair
3. Cold. The queen was fair/pretty. (Like the queen in Snow White) the king was also cold. They weren't happy to see me.
4. A long lost friend
5. Empty..


28-02-2017, 23:44

+3 -2  

1 2 or 3
2 1
3 smiling and happy, majestic
4 i don't know.. but with blond hair..
5 full


28-02-2017, 23:24

+2 -2  

1. 4
2. 1
3. Strong, Powerful, Wise, Beautiful
4. The love of my life
5. Full


28-02-2017, 16:14

+1 -1  

1) Two
2) Two
3) Affability, elegance, kindness, curiosity
4) You... the one I see everywhere, the one I miss like the deserts miss the rain...
5) Full, spilling over


28-02-2017, 14:44

+2 -2  

1. 4
2. 1
3. Mean and hostile (??)
4. No one familiar
5. Full


28-02-2017, 14:19

+2 -2  

1. 2 people
2. 1 pair of shoes
3. King looks a bit strict but kind. Queen looks sad, but quite caring.
4. My boyfriend
5. It was full.. some of it was flowing from the sides.


28-02-2017, 13:14

+2 -2  

For me this was the most accurate one yet. My king was my perfect man and I'll never get over the knight!


28-02-2017, 13:14

+2 -2  

i saw Jaime Lannister


28-02-2017, 13:09

+1 -1  

confident, withholding
My ex


28-02-2017, 13:04

+2 -1  

No one
Powerful, safe, strong, beautiful, kind
My best friend
Full to the brim
Seems true

Ms. Kim

28-02-2017, 12:54

+2 -1  

Super true. My #5, i first thought about my husband! My goblet was full. In fact, OVERFLOWING! My mate is sooo lucky. Haha!


28-02-2017, 12:52

+3 -2  

1. 10
2. 1
3. polite and kind
4. Eleazar
5. full
It's so great! it's almost real for me especially number 4.


27-02-2017, 11:08

+1 -1  

1. 4
2. 1
3. Generic King/queen, lack personality (ehhh?!)
4. a certain person
5. about 2/3 full
I suddenly fear myself, lack of personality?


27-02-2017, 10:18

+3 -2  

1. Around fifty or so.
2. None.
3. Old and embodying maturity and wisdom.
4. A certain somebody.
5. Empty.


27-02-2017, 10:18

+2 -2  

1. 2 (true!)
2. 1 (true)
3. Dryly funny, world-weary, wise and genuine people with a good heart.
4. My bf who I can never get over.....
5. 3/4 full:))


27-02-2017, 10:02

+2 -2  

3.Tall, regal,pointed ears, fair haired, mysterious
5.a crush
6.almost full

Tiffany Miller

26-02-2017, 21:29

+2 -1  

2.2 (I did have 2 relationships before my husband)
3.a few minutes, then keep going
4.friendly, warm king and queen, older
5.my husband


26-02-2017, 21:23

+2 -2  

1. 3
2. 1
3. Rest a moment
4. King was extremley unhappy and the Queen was stern and arrogant
5. Some girl I knew
6. Empty
Not quite sure that this is right. The king and Queen more represented what I hate.. Maybe I'm just crazy.


26-02-2017, 21:09

+2 -2  

keep on trucking
curly hair, kind yet stern
my cousin
less than half


26-02-2017, 20:43

+2 -1  

I hope this is won't come true to me.
3.i walked towards city
4.Dressed very luxurious, looking arrogant and heartless.
5.My exboyfriend but it's very likely me too meet him again.

Summer Morphine

26-02-2017, 20:29

+2 -2  

4 people.
Rest for as long as I want.
Wearing red. Black hair. Elegant. Graceful. Seductive. Perfect.
Brandon, the love of my life.


26-02-2017, 19:23

+2 -2  

There are no people in the life-boat. 1 pair of shoes. The queen is ethereal and stunning. The king is gruff, yet caring. The knight is a tall man with a scruffy beard and blue eyes. The goblet is full to the brim.


26-02-2017, 19:22

+2 -2  

1. 2 or 3
2. 1 !
3. Kind, sweet to each other , smiling at me. The king has a beard hahaha
4. My lover :)
5. Almost full.


26-02-2017, 15:03

+3 -2  

1. 3 people
2. 1
3. cold, stern, mean, vain, self-righteous (yeah right, that's what I want)
4. someone from school
5. it was 3 quarters full


24-02-2017, 09:50

+1 -1  

-1 person
-1 pair of shoes
-They are both dressed in elegant robes of pure white, made of satin and furs. The king wears a crown with jewels, the queen a sparkling tiara. The king looks hardened and noble. The queen looks kind, open.
-The goblet is

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