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Driving in a new city

Driving quiz

You and your partner are driving somewhere in a new city and you are not familiar with the roads.

You follow the directions given to you by your partner. It soon turns out, however, that you are lost.

What are you most likely say?

  1. "I thought you knew how to get there."
  2. "It's ok. We enjoyed the drive anyway."
  3. "I should have paid attention. When we made that left turn, I wanted to ask you about it but didn't. My fault."


A: "I thought you knew how to get there."

Not a very forgiving person, you are quick in assigning responsibility to others. Hidden in the accusatory tone is also anger or dissatisfaction that may or may not be related to the incident per se.

B: "It's ok. We enjoyed the drive anyway."

Easygoing and understanding in your attitude, you generally consider your partner equal to yourself. The readiness with which you tolerate your partner's errors indicates a desire to be treated the same way in similar situations.

C: "I should have paid attention. When we made the left turn back over there, I wanted to ask you about it but didn't. My fault."

Self-effacing and self-accusatory, you demonstrate a tendency to bending over backwards to accommodate your partner. The relationship may be a truly sweet one, but possibly hidden in the attitude is also a certain amount of insecurity.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


26-02-2017, 21:29

+1 -1  

A, but not in a mean way, more in a 'do you know how to get there at all' way.


26-02-2017, 21:23

+3 -1  

I picked A . I'm so used to my mom saying it i guess i see it as a normal thing.


26-02-2017, 21:13

+1 -1  

i chose A
this one hits the mark!


26-02-2017, 21:09

+4 -1  

A, but in a light hearted way. It's not worth getting too worked up about.


26-02-2017, 20:43

+2 -1  

I found it difficult to relate to the scenarios.I wouldn't rely on my husband for directions.I know he is impatient and a difficult communicator. I would get the direction myself and only ask him to read what I brought (easy 2 read and bulleted;)


26-02-2017, 20:29

+3 -1  

B/C depends on my mood


26-02-2017, 20:29

+1 -1  

its B...and absolutely true...i m very easygoing by nature...:)


26-02-2017, 19:23

+3 -1  

I always say, 'it's an adventure!' because I get lost when the passengers start talking to me too much, but I think that paying attention to them is more important than getting to our destination in the least amount of time. Might as well laugh about it.


26-02-2017, 19:23

+1 -1  

I am definitely a 'B' person. Life is too short to start drama with blame: either towards someone else or towards onesself. Life is an adventure to be lived, and if we get lost, then we had an adventure along the way! And, hopefully, he treated the situation the same. :)


26-02-2017, 19:22

+1 -1  

This is funny because this actually happened this weekend, we missed an exit on the freeway and just kept going to see where it would take us! (I answered B)


26-02-2017, 15:03

+2 -1  

I said A...but I don't think that is me at all I am a very forgiving person.


24-02-2017, 09:50

+1 -1  

A but after we get there, all is forgiven.


24-02-2017, 09:49

+3 -1  

I chose B and I agree with it


24-02-2017, 09:49

+3 -2  

C..... It is true, I'm told I say sorry too much and try to hard to make everyone happy that I forget to be happy.


24-02-2017, 09:39

+2 -1  

I was thinking,
Every time my mom gets lost I say B..
But to my boyfriend I think I am more of an A, I'm critical of his actions.


24-02-2017, 09:36

+1 -1  

B all the way =D too bad they didn't have an option that included stopping for coffee and laughing and lightly teasing your partner


24-02-2017, 09:15

+2 -1  

I'd say 'A', if it was my bf. He is a know-it-all. Anyone else, prob B, maybe even C.


24-02-2017, 08:31

+1 -1  

Just one sentence is a bit assuming. Also, it's not like the sentence was 'WTF! HOW COULD YOU GET THAT WRONG?' It was just a simple 'Hm? I thought you knew how to get here. Sigh. Oh well! Let's just go ask for directions!'


24-02-2017, 08:25

+1 -1  

It depends on where we are going. If it's something important that I have to be there on time or early then A all the way!
If it's something like going somewhere for vacation or meeting up at a friends house for dinner then B, but I would never do C unless it really is my fault.


24-02-2017, 07:46

+3 -1  

hm...I'm not unforgiving. I chose A. But I'd say that. Of course, I'd just be messing around. But I'd still say it XP


24-02-2017, 07:46

+2 -2  

Very. My family, friends, and co- workers get irritated ( sometimes extremely) with how often I say ' sorry'.


24-02-2017, 07:25

+3 -1  

My answer to that situation wasn't on the list of options. My first thought was 'Oh K, well we're lost, so you don't know where we are and I don't know where we are so lets find someone who does and get to where we need to go.'


24-02-2017, 07:25

+1 -1  

i'm A
which is definitely true


24-02-2017, 07:25

+2 -2  

b, life is moments make the most of it


24-02-2017, 06:45

+2 -1  

I would stare at him for a second and then laugh saying : Now that's something!

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