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The seaside

Seaside quiz

Imagine that you are walking towards the seaside.

1. You awake one morning and find yourself in an odd yet familiar room.

Describe the room and how it makes you feel. What kind of furnishings and decorations are there? Do you feel like you would like to leave the room?

2. Now imagine that you are walking towards the seaside.

How many people do you see?

a. Hundreds. b. A few dozen.

c. One or two. d. None.

How far are the nearest people?

a. Close by. b. Not very far off.

c. Way off in the distance. d. The beach is deserted.


The room represents childhood.

The room's comfort level represents your childhood experiences. Inviting surroundings suggest a pleasant childhood, whilst uninviting surroundings suggest an unexciting or sad childhood.

The number of furnishings and the degree of detail in your description show how many childhood memories you have. A room bare of any furnishings suggests a complete absence of childhood memories, while an averagely furnished room suggests normal memories of childhood. A room filled with furniture might suggest persisting memories of childhood.

Choosing to leave the room demonstrates a readiness to grow up

Wanting to stay in the room indicates a reluctance to grow up.

Note: Choosing to leave the room does not imply an unpleasant childhood, while choosing to remain in the room does not imply an unhappy adolescence.

The seaside is symbolic of how you relate to people around you. How many people you pictured relates to the number of people you want around you. An extraverted, gregarious person feels energized in the company of a large number of people. People who see a deserted seaside are more introverted and feel more content spending longer periods of time on their own.

If you saw hundreds of people, crowded bars and clubs can feel like your second home. You are quite a social animal, and at times, you may also like an audience.

If you saw a few dozen people, you feel comfortable in social gatherings, bars and clubs, you may even seek them out.

If you saw one or two people then you do not like to spend a whole lot of time in bars or clubbing. You can be charming and social, but you are often content being alone. The vast majority of people see a beach with one or two people on it.

If you did not see any people, you are least likely to feel comfortable in a crowded club or bar. You are often content with your own company and may even avoid certain crowded places.

Where you see people on the beach is also symbolic of how you relate to people around you. If you saw people close by, then you are sociable and can be quite a chatterbox at times.

If the people seemed far away you are usually quiet and reserved. For you, actions speak louder than words. However you still need friends that are prepared to listen whenever you need them, or someone to talk to about your day.

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Comments (17)


The room was decorated with Bamboo and Plants. It looked like a fancy hotel room in Hawaii. I saw around four people and they were near. When I got to the Stone wall, I stood there. One thing that was kinda off, I had more of an unpleasant childhood, but I wanted to stay in the room.


mm weird, it was actually the opposite of me. in like every way. i love being around people and i had a great childhood but i would like to see an abandoned beach and i imagined a plain room.


It's interesting. i think it is telling my current condition and situation of personality.

I didn't want to leave the room at all.


I was stuck in the room because the only exits were locked and people were banging on the door.


Furnishings may or may not catch someones attention. Natural light, space, background noise...these are also important features.

Social connection

social connection


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