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Perspectives 4

perspectives quiz

Discover your viewpoints.

Think of a few words or phrases that describe the group as a whole.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the group?

perspectives 2


The words you used to describe this group show your thoughts and feelings about tricksters and pranksters. Overly flattering comments may indicate that you are a bit of a trouble maker yourself!

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How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


28-02-2017, 23:44

+1 -1  

I put Coyote; antagonist in my newest story, cool, Raven; Luna Lovegood and Remus Lupin, Dragonfly; hard to catch.


28-02-2017, 14:44

+1 -1  

i described this group as 'fun but annoying'...accurate!


28-02-2017, 14:19

+2 -1  

o how true coyote loud, raven sad, dragon fly irritating,


27-02-2017, 10:18

+2 -1  

lonely bored curious


26-02-2017, 21:23

+1 -1  

i thought the coyote was cool and misunderstood but beautiful and the raven is slender but sometimes looked down upon and the dragonfly was bliss and pretty when the sun shines on its wings :) i admit i am a trouble maker when you least expect it.... which is mostly always:))


26-02-2017, 21:09

+2 -1  

Wandering , lonesome, watchful and impressive


24-02-2017, 08:25

+2 -1  

Dark, Mischevious, Ugly=Pranksters


24-02-2017, 04:26

+1 -1  

Mysterious , enchanting ,mystical
Lol I can be tricky to teach people a lesson
But loyal to those who deserve it haha

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