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Priorities 3

priorities quiz

Discover more about your values and beliefs with these quizzes about animals, birds, reptiles and insects.

Arrange these five groups of animals, beginning from your favorite to your least favorite.

Which groups produce more favorable associations and feelings? Aim to make your selection according to the overall impression you have of the groups, by considering all three animals within each group.

When you have completed your list scroll down for the analysis, the results could surprise you!

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The themes that emerge from the groups, correspond to the following five priorities.

  • Group A represents self esteem
  • Group B represents grace
  • Group C represents intelligence
  • Group D represents intuition
  • Group E represents your loyalty

If your favorite group was 'B', then your highest priority would be grace. Similarly if group 'D' was third in your preference list, then your third priority would be intuition.

Some animals represent a number of different traits and have a variety of symbolisms. For example, the lion represents both courage and strength. Each group is therefore represented by three animals, instead of one, in order to create a theme of similar traits and make a more valid assessment of your preferences.

These are the symbolisms and characteristics associated with the animals in each group.

Group A (self esteem)

  • moose: self esteem
  • seahorse: confidence
  • elk: pride

Group B (grace)

  • otter: grace
  • kingfisher: beauty
  • antelope: elegance

Group C (intelligence)

  • dolphin: intelligence
  • dragon: knowledge
  • gazelle: awareness

Group D (intuition)

  • salmon: instinct
  • hare: intuition
  • coyote: insight

Group E (your loyalty)

  • dove: fidelity
  • ox: faithfulness
  • horse: devotion

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