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Fauna focus quiz 2

perspectives quiz

Embark on an insightful journey where animals reflect your inner world. You'll ponder groups of creatures, uncovering deeper aspects of your personality. How you view a playful butterfly or a solemn owl reveals much about your life experiences and traits. This introspective adventure offers a unique perspective on your character, aligning your perceptions of various animals with aspects of your life and personality. It's not about right or wrong answers, but exploring the intriguing echoes of your character through nature's lens.

Think of a few words or phrases that describe the group as a whole.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the group?

perspectives 1


The words you used to describe this group is how you would describe your enemies. If these animals produced happy thoughts and feelings then you do not perceive yourself as having any enemies, or if you do, then you do not really pay much attention to them.

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Fox= deceiving, trickster

Alligator= ready to attack, hateful, pain, killer

Bat= annoying


happy thoughts and feelings :P

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