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Friendships quiz

friendship quiz

How do you behave in your relationships with your friends?

Do you set the ground for good friendships?

Choose your star sign:



You are a fine friend and a formidable foe. With Aries, things are never done half way. Aries expects total devotion and sincerity in friendship. In turn, he/she extends a loving and strong hand.


They feel strong attachments and will often go out of their way to maintain a relationship. A Taurus can be patient, persuasive and persistent with friends.


Gemini's like to reciprocate love and respond beautifully to a little appreciation. A Gemini often mistakenly believes that others don't do enough for him/her. Young at heart, you could be the life of a party.


Try not to have too many expectations out of a friendship. Always ready to give, you are likely to be bitterly disappointed when friends do not live up to your own image of them. However, you will seldom cut your friendship ties and do much more for friends than they did for you. A good, solid friend!


As a friend you are worth your weight in gold. Leo is a mighty good friend. He/She does not ditch people. Leo is very warm hearted and sincere. Your idealism and romanticism comes through very strongly here.


Understand, Virgo, that yours is a sign of service and communal living. It is a humane sign. Therefore, you need friends, though you may not acknowledge it. In friendship, Virgo is steady and reliable and gives practical advice and suggestions. Virgo hates to break off relationships and is a solid friend.


You like helping friends by giving them good and practical advice but you find difficulty helping them with emotional matters. This does not mean that you have a cold sign just that you are often detached. Libra is excellent company and has finesse and grace.


There's an explosive element here, pure dynamite. You are a good friend but do not be secretive and wear a mask. You are very picky when it comes to friends however you are intensely loyal and are good at keeping secrets. You sometimes feel betrayed when you feel that your friends should have behaved differently.


You are forgiving and helpful and you evidently make a good friend. You are also capable of giving good and helpful advice. Even if your friends disappoint you you will not feel resentment or hatred.


You usually build long and lasting friendships. While you may not be very tactful and polished in your manners and talk, you won't fail a friend in an emergency.


Aquarians can be better counselors than friends. The reason is that though emotionally involved, they can think clearly and visualize situations and problems creatively. As yours is the sign of friendship, I do predict that your friends will receive both warmth and guidance from you.


A good friend, humane and understanding even if slightly unconventional. You have a good intuition and understand your friends emotions. Accept your friends for who they are and do not let idealism crowd your judgment. Your innate grace and diplomacy could help save an unpleasant situation.

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Comments (18)


My mom is a Capricorn my dad's a Leo my sister's a Taurus and im a Gemini, so yeah


I’m a Sagittarius very inaccurate


Im an Aries


Surprisingly accurate! Usually horoscope things are inaccurate for me, but this Libra description fits me perfectly!


me and my friends did this and it was so true!