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Brain dominance quiz

Brain dominance quiz

Uncover which hemisphere of your brain plays a dominant role in your life. Understand whether your thought process is more analytical and detail-oriented, typical of left-brain dominance, or more intuitive and big-picture focused, indicating right-brain dominance. The brain dominance quiz provides insights into your cognitive style, offering a fascinating glimpse into how your brain works and influences your behavior and preferences. Discover the balance of your logical and creative sides in a fun and insightful way.


Note the characteristics which apply to you.

Then look at the answer key and check to see which characteristics are left brain (L) and which right brain (R).

Sum them up and discover whether you are left brain or right brain dominant.

Left brain right brain quiz

1. I am usually late for my appointments.

2. I make gestures with my hands when I talk.

Left brain right brain quiz

3. I usually guess the time correctly.

4. I like to read the instructions when I buy something new.

Left brain right brain quiz

5. I often catch myself day dreaming.

6. I find it easier to remember names instead of faces.

Left brain right brain quiz

7. When someone asks me a question I turn my head to the left.

8. I like to set goals for myself and organize my time.

Left brain right brain quiz

9. I work better when I listen to my favorite music or radio station.

10. Hey, aren't you listening?, is a question I am frequently asked.

Left brain right brain quiz

11. I pay attention to what is being said rather than how it is said.

12. I analyze the pros and cons when making an important decision.

Left brain right brain quiz

13. A messy desk is a sign of genius.

14. When I have many things to do I begin with the easy ones.

Left brain right brain quiz

15. I write my holiday greeting cards early.

16. I approach new tasks by relating them to accomplished ones.


Sum up your responses from the answer key below. Do not award points for the opposite side if you did not answer affirmatively to a question.

Example, question 13: A messy desk is a sign of genius.

From the answer key below, question 13 corresponds to 'right brain' or 'R'. If you believe a messy desk is a sign of genius, award a point for 'R'. You should not award a point for 'L', if you do not believe that a messy desk is a sign of genius.

Your score shouldn't exceed 8, and could be as low as 0, for either or both 'R' and 'L'.

Answer key

1. R 9. R
2. R 10. R
3. L 11. L
4. L 12. L
5. R 13. R
6. L 14. L
7. R 15. L
8. L 16. R

Left brain individuals are analytical, articulate and to the point. They like identifying details and are more logical than intuitive. Left brained people have good communication and persuasion skills.

Right brain individuals are intuitive, creative and imaginative. They are flexible and are concerned with the bigger picture rather than details. They are impulsive and spontaneous and do not like time limits. They have difficulty explaining ideas verbally and prefer illustrations to verbal instructions.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (15)


idk how this is possible but i got 7 left, 1 right


4 right 1 left


I got 6 left and 5 right, so I guess I'm a lefty. Weird, left brained, right handed. Ha ha ha.


got5 Rs and 4 Ls and i know that usually your dominant side of the brain is your good hand


Mine was completely equal 4 rights ad 4 lefts!



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