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Superheroes quiz

Choose a superhero ability and read your profile!


Flying: You like to see the "big picture" of life and how things fit together. Little details annoy you. You enjoy being free and taking risks.

Career clue You would make a good pilot or astronaut. Consider a job that will let you affect policies, maybe in government or a public research group.

Time travel: You are interested in the causes of things and how past mistakes can be used to shape the future. You are very curious about how different people live.

Career clue You enjoy activities that enable you to affect change. A career in scientific research, history, or human behavior might be the place for you.

Invisibility: You tend to be shy, or a very keen observer. Or both. You like to know everything that is going on around you.

Career clue A writer, artist, or private investigator.

X-ray vision: You like to "see through" problems and get to the heart of an issue. You enjoy challenges and solving problems that other people can't even see.

Career clue Physics, politics, math, and medicine are all fields that need skilled problem-solvers.

Shape shifting: You are a sociable person who likes to fit in. Perhaps you want to be admired by the group. Either way, you're a real crowd pleaser!

Career clue Entertainment might be the field for you.

Mind reading: You're good at guessing what other people think. You can read between the lines.

Career clue Counselor or psychologist.

Seeing into the future: You are very creative and love adventure. You would move right into the future if you could! You are always looking at what might be possible, and wondering how to make it happen sooner.

Career clue A career on the cutting edge of things may be right for you. Think about becoming an explorer, research scientist, inventor, or science fiction writer.

Super hearing: You pay close attention to sounds and patterns. You like to be fully informed about the latest news. Some might even say that you are nosy!

Career clue You could make an excellent reporter or gossip columnist. Or you might decide to become a musician.

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I chose time travel because of past faults, mistakes and mysteries...

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