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The desert

The desert

Determine your personality based on your view of animals!

You have been traveling through the desert for days. You are tired and water is running low. You have with you the following five animals:

A cow

A lion

A monkey

A horse

A goat

You only have a limited amount of water left - not enough for you and all your animals to escape. If you run out of water all of you will die in the desert.

You realize that if you are to make it out of the desert at all, you are going to have to make a tough decision. You are going to have to leave one of the animals behind so that the rest of you may live.

Which animal do you leave behind?

You have four animals left. The desert is burning up! It goes on for miles. Your water supply is running even lower than you first thought. You realize that to get out, you are going to have leave another animal behind.

Which animal do you leave behind?

You have three animals left. You reach the oasis but it has dried up! You have no choice but to leave another animal behind.

Which animal do you leave behind?

You only have two animals left. It's a long hot walk. You can see the edge of the desert on the horizon. Unfortunately, you do not have enough water left for three. You can only leave the desert with one animal.

Which animal do you leave behind?

Congratulations! The two of you made it out of the desert!


Each of the animals represent the following aspects of your life.

  • The cow represents your desire to help and care for others.
  • The lion represents pride and courage.
  • The monkey represents your desire to create harmony in a group.
  • The horse represents something that you are very passionate about.
  • The goat represents wealth and abundance.

The order in which you sacrifice the animals might be said to represent the importance of these things to you. The one that you sacrificed first is the least important. The one that you kept is the most important and represents what you would hold on to at the expense of everything else.

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Comments (17)

the mansays...

I came out with the horse. I left them in this order: The cow, the goat, the lion, and the monkey.


From most to least important value passion,helping others,harmony in a group,pride,weath


Lion first bc it really never needed me. The horse next bc maybe be it could run out. The goat third bc while it didnt seem like it could survive easily on its own, the cow is a valuable source of milk strength and if necessary meat in a pinch and the monkey is the closest i can get to companionship so I consider it a child at this point. And then finally, knowing that i would be able to leave the desert, i begrudgingly leave the cow behind.


Kinda true, I came out with the lion at the end, and since the beginning he was the chosen one. I knew it wouldn't be logical to keep it, but I wanted anyway.


I think it was pretty accurate but it chose the animals based on logic and what would better help me survive, the monkey went first because it would just be a drain on my resources, the goat went second for the same reason, then the lion and finally the horse, I thought the cow would not only provide me with sustenance and I can ride it if I got tired

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