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Try a reflective exercise that offers insights into your perspective and approach to tasks, revealing subtle aspects of your personality.

Look at the picture below, and draw it on a piece of paper. Afterwards, scroll down to view the analysis.

twirl spiral


How did you draw your picture?

From the center outward

You feel comfortable expressing yourself outwardly and engaging with others in social situations. Your intuitive nature could lead you to focus on exploring possibilities, envisioning the future, and generating ideas. You have a propensity for abstract thinking and creative problem-solving, often starting with a central concept and working your way out to the specifics. Your holistic approach to details may enable you to understand the relationships between elements and see patterns across different pieces of information. As a result, you excel at identifying the broader context and the overall structure of a situation, idea, or project. In general, you are an individual who is expressive, forward-thinking, and able to navigate both the big picture and the intricate details with ease.

From the edge inward

You feel more comfortable focusing on your inner world and may be more introspective in nature. You to rely on direct experiences and senses to gather information about your surroundings, focusing on practicality and concrete facts. You have a more methodical and detail-oriented approach to creativity, working within existing frameworks and refining and improving upon them. Starting with the specifics and gradually working your way toward the center, you may be more meticulous in your creative process, often focusing on perfecting one aspect at a time. Your attention to detail and appreciation for the intricacies of your craft could help you excel in tasks and projects that require precision and accuracy.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (11)


I drew mine from the center out


I got from the edge inward, not accurate at all ??


I drew it from the center in but I relate mostly to the other one.


I drew from the center outwards, very accurate analysis.


Not accurate at all. I believe in supernatural creatures, which definitely isn't pragmatic.

Social connection

social connection


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