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In the realms of medieval fantasy

In the realms of medieval fantasy

Step into a medieval fantasy world with this imaginative quiz, where every choice leads you deeper into a realm of enchantment and reflection. As you traverse this mystical landscape, from fields to forests and beyond, your selections reveal subtle insights into your personality and values. This journey is not just about the path you take but about uncovering hidden aspects of yourself, each decision a mirror to your inner world. Discover what your adventure through this magical setting says about you and your approach to life's mysteries.

You find yourself in a vast field, the air tinged with the scent of wildflowers and a hint of adventure. In the distance, a medieval castle looms, its towers reaching towards the sky. As you wander, a sense of wonder fills you, for this is no ordinary place. Here, in the heart of a medieval fantasy, the world is alive with magic and mystery.

1. You come across a box, resting alone in the field, its appearance as intriguing as the land itself.
Is it

  1. Open
  2. Closed

2. Nearby, a horse grazes peacefully, embodying the tranquility of this enchanting realm.
What color is it?

  1. White
  2. Brown
  3. Black

3. A sudden shimmer catches your eye—a magical staircase, inviting you to explore unknown heights or depths.
Mesmerized, you notice that the staircase is leading:

  1. Up
  2. Down

4. Your journey leads you through a forest, where the trees whisper secrets of old, and a river carves its path, each turn a new discovery. It is hot but you walk on before realizing you have to cross a river to carry on your journey.
The river is:

  1. Gushing along madly
  2. Flowing at a normal pace
  3. Meandering slowly.

5. Eventually, a quaint cottage appears, promising rest and revelations. Upon entering, you see a wine glass.
To what extent is the glass filled with wine?

6. As dawn breaks, you venture outside, where a serene pond awaits, its waters reflecting the new day and new possibilities.
How many swans are there in the pond?

If you are a girl, go to the next question. If you are a guy, go to question 8.

7. As you approach the pond to feed the swans, you see a knight clad in armor. As the knight takes off his helmet to greet you, you realize it is someone you know. Who is it?

8. As you approach the pond to feed the swans, you see a princess in royal robes. As the princess unveils herself to greet you, you realize it is someone you know. Who is it?


1. This describes your personality.

  1. Open-minded and somewhat extroverted. You talk freely to people.
  2. Reserved and quiet. You do not like to share secrets.

2. This is the way you choose your mate.

  1. You care about looks and personality
  2. You do not care about looks, only personality.
  3. You do not care about personality, only looks.

3. This is your outlook on life.

  1. Optimistic
  2. Pessimistic

4. This is your sex drive

  1. Wild
  2. Average
  3. Tame

5. This refers to how much you would put into a relationship; the more wine in the glass, the more dedicated you are.

6. The number of true loves you'll have in your life.

7 & 8 is the person you will never get over or forget.

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Comments (10)

William Herondalesays...




B or C

It's full, but filled with clean water

1 or 2

A book character I feel VERY connected to.

My last answer IS odd... ????

Quite accurate


Honestly, I couldn’t agree more


This is quite true. most of it anyway


None of it was accurate!


i'll be using this on my friends! love how easy it is to remember.


I agree! This was definitely my favorite out of all of them! Thank U for whoever made this quiz!

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social connection


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